Culture Trove – Exhibitions Database

case study

About the client

Culture Trove’s mission is to connect museum professionals with travelling exhibitions from around the world. Their goal is to ensure exhibitions achieve their unique potential to educate and inspire. They provide support to the existing exhibition management team, or they also offer their management services.

The client at Culture Trove decided to trust Eggs Media to create and develop a website that will promote their work online.


The client requested a website with a paid membership system based on packages. There were two types of users exhibitors, and venue owners where exhibitors post their exhibits on the site for the venue owners to find and venue owners are either looking for an exhibit to host at their venue or offer their venue for the exhibition. Both types of users needed to have frontend submission forms: for venue owners to submit their venues and for exhibitors to submit their exhibits.

Website Design Objectives

  • Website development on the WordPress CMS platform
  • Website UX and UI design
  • Paid membership system based on packages
  • ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin
  • Responsive website design
  • Improved navigation and filtering


Using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin, we’ve developed two types of forms for users for submission with a lot of custom fields. We have managed to achieve this without giving the users any access to the WordPress admin dashboard.

Since Exhibits and Venues had a vast number of custom fields, we’ve made custom filtering options for all of the fields on listing Exhibits and Venues pages along with pagination for each. We ensured the website performs well with the fast loading speed and completely error-free. The visitors are now able to navigate throughout the site with no issues.


The Culture Trove website development project resulted in a highly professional, user-friendly and fully functional online presentation of this brand. We implemented a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS and improved overal navigation opportunities so that visitors can easily and rapidly find the information they are looking for.