21st Century Lawyer – Coaching Platform

case study

About the client

Paulette Pommels is a trained coach and mediator, and she created Creative Choices™ for the 21st Century Lawyer – a technique used by lawyers, law students and law firms when faced with professional challenges. Paulette has spoken on many events, and her work has been featured in Canadian Lawyer magazine, among others.

Paulette decided to award our Eggs Media team with the complete re-design of her existing 21st Century Lawyer site that would make her unique vision an online reality.


The old website was significantly outdated, non-responsive and non-user friendly. The client asked us to fix usability issues, improve websites’ performance and loading speed. One of the requirements and major challenges was to use the existing content, together with some relevant images to keep the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) juices flowing. The overall look the client requested was clean, modern, engaging and informative. One of the challenges was also the eShop, where visitors can order and download eGuides.

Website Design Objectives

  • Website development on the WordPress CMS platform
  • Website UX and UI design
  • Clean and modern layout
  • Responsive website design
  • On-site search engine optimization
  • Implementation of appointment plugin to book consultation
  • eShop implementation


By following the client’s unique requirements, we created a website on the WordPress CMS platform. We made sure the articles on the site performed well, and visitors were able to buy and download particular documents/guides. Having in mind visitors could browse through on their phones or tablets, we inspected and made every page mobile-friendly (responsive) and fully visible on different devices.

Additionally, the 21st Lawyer website was optimized for fast loading speed. A few extra seconds could have a relevant impact on websites’ ability to engage visitors and make them get in touch with Paulette.


The 21st Century Lawyers’ website re-design resulted in a modern, clean and highly functional online experience. We also examined on-site SEO best practices to make sure the website is optimizing as efficiently as possible. The website remained fully optimized and no data has been lost in the process, all the valuable content still serves it’s SEO purpouse.