December 11, 2019 | Web Design/Development

Branding Essentials: The Brand-Logo-Website Correlation

For every business, whether it is a small company or a whole enterprise, the importance of branding and marketing is undeniable. Regardless of whether your brand is your logo or if you draw a differentiation line between those two, the way they work separately, as well as unified can make or break a business. There is, however, not only a close working relationship between a brand and a logo but also between them and a company’s website. This holy trinity is usually the most important marketing, and overall success condition when it comes to a company’s professional identity on the market. Read more about branding essentials below.

It is also no novelty that many business owners neglect the importance of the brand-logo-website relation. The company identity is, of course, an inevitable part of business marketing strategies. However, most of the time, business owners only focus on the development of one of the three conditions that can, in the long run, determine the overall success. The terms brand, logo, and website need to be thoroughly understood separately in order to attribute them with a unified function; which is a must-do for every respectable business owner. Therefore, for all the business owners who have been missing out on this marketing holy trinity, here is a compelling and brief introduction.

Branding Essentials for Your Business

1. Brand

A brand is one of the most critical assets of a business or a company. Contrary to the popular belief that the brand of a company consists of few catchy slogans, flashy and bright colours, logos and some fonts, the truth is, branding is more complex than we initially think. A brand is a ‘corporate image’ that can have a significant impact on a company’s performance on the market. This ‘corporate image’ has a delicate purpose, which is to make a customer identify the visual representation of your company in a highly competitive market.

A brand is there to represent the general image and the meaning of business while having customers develop a deep and meaningful relationship with what your brand represents; just as well as the psychological tendency to choose your particular brand over others. Brands can enhance and strengthen customer commitment, improve the company’s performance as well as easier identification for new and potentially loyal customers. Moreover, a brand is also an ‘identity design’ that moves a company from current circumstances into a company’s preferred ones. Since we are talking about the actual design, there are several visual devices a brand consists of, for example; products, services, marketing collateral, stationery, messages, actions, and of course, a logo.

business branding essentials

The main issue with owning a business or a company lies in the fact that it has to be unique and distinguishable among the competition. In order to stand out and overshadow the competing alternatives to your business, a logo has to enable the visual identification of a brand. As mentioned above, a logo is one of the primary visual devices of a brand; therefore, it plays a significant role in marketing and is one of the branding essentials necessary for every business.

In the old days, for a marketing strategy to work all you needed was a brand and a logo. Nowadays, digital branding and marketing have in itself become a completely separate marketing strategy. To be more precise, the online branding has taken over the marketing and advertisement world, for a reason; it can appear anywhere, but most importantly, it creates demands for appropriate websites. Digital branding essentials and websites are the ‘dream team’ for any company’s successful presence and identification on the market. Why?

3. Website

Well, websites are consistent, create self-demand for ads, generate clients and profit. They are also an exceptional way for your brand and logo to shine and reach their full visual potential. Not to mention that they enable more natural connection with customers, allow them to have a direct insight into your business. Also to contact and relationship with your brand. Your customers can also use your website to promote your brand to their relatives and friends, for free. Having a website, alongside a brand and a logo, can contribute so much to the identity, look and tone of your company. And also allow you to have a constant presence in the offline and online world.

Moreover, by implementing a brand and logo into your website design, you sure know it will have your SEO rankings go crazy. Branding essentials and logos are a major part of the SEO on- and offline marketing strategies. This is because Google is getting to associate your business with online searches; and appropriate online searches with your brand’s website. We have covered thoroughly in our article the relation between website design and SEO, so make sure to check it out as well. Get in touch with us at Eggs Media, an award-winning web design company!

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