October 28, 2021 | Web Design/Development

5 Security Tips on How to Secure a Website From Hackers

How to secure your website from hackers?

After a lot of hard work invested, your website is finally live! But did you ever think about web page security? Your website is very valuable, so you must protect it from hackers. We have got some tips to keep your website secure.

Install a firewall

One option to protect a website from hackers is to install a good web application firewall. A firewall is a particular code with a mission to identify malicious requests. All the information requests made to your website go through the firewall. If the firewall detects the malicious request, the request gets blocked. Changing firewall configuration is not recommended because most firewall rules are created based on thorough security research.

When it comes to WordPress websites, this particular platform has got an option to block malicious IPs. Make sure to have a good firewall for peace of mind on web page security.  

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Ensure passwords are secure

A simple rule, but essential in how to secure a website. Avoid passwords that will always be easy to remember. Choose a password that will make you think hard every time you try to log in to your website’s backend. To generate a good and secure password, use a mix of memorable characters, letters, numbers. The safest way for creating passwords would be to use a web particular password generator such as HostGator.

As the access to your website, always avoid passwords with information on your close ones, birthdays, names, etc. As a staple on how to secure your site, the password needs to be made by an uncommon combination. You’d be surprised how much hackers can attack the website through weak passwords. In this article, you can learn more about creating a strong password. Your personal information needs to be protected.

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Best practices on website security

Take regular backups

Taking regular backups is a mandatory action that can prevent losing your website files if it gets hacked. Always make sure to take daily backups to avoid this catastrophe. One of the most underrated tips on web security is this particular one. If you choose a highly rated, reliable backup plugin, you will have no issues. Any time you make changes to your website, it’s a good idea to perform backups.

Use HTTPS on your website

Another tip on how to secure a website is related to using HTTPS on your website. Hypertext transfer protocol secure is the secure version of HTTP, and it’s used to protect the confidentiality of data between the browser and user’s computer. These five letters are essential for web page security. They provide information that is safe entering and browsing around a particular website. They advise users that it is safe to provide financial details on that specific website, and it’s essential for eCommerce websites. Not to mention, search engines like Google take web page security more seriously than ever before.

If you own a website and want your visitors to trust you, the right step to make is to invest in an SSL certificate. SSL certificate will help you and your potential clients to have peace of mind when it comes to site’s security.

Install security plugins

To avoid your website data being hacked, an intelligent solution is to install website plugins. They will provide firewall protection that will block malicious code actions from accessing your site. Some of these plugins can also keep track of everything happening on your website. It’s always better to be safe than sorry for web page security as statistics show that regular websites get hacked on average 44 times a day. This is an important step in how to secure a website.

To prevent hackers from harming your website, you need to act smart and choose the best practice to keep your site secure. The right plugins have all the necessary features and functionality to help block harmful actions. Do your research, and you will likely find a plugin in line with your websites’ requirements.

If you want to learn more about how to protect your website and avoid security issues, get in touch with Eggs Media – web design company Toronto.

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