February 16, 2017 | Internet Marketing

5 Content Marketing Tips that Drive Traffic

You have probably heard marketers demanding more content to get you an engagement with the audience. Between all demands such as backlinks, blog posts, building up the keywords, etc., there are other ways to revamp your content marketing. If it’s done effectively, it can bring significant value and more traffic to your website. Many businesses follow the same trends when it comes to marketing which often means keyword stuffing. However, this approach will more likely give less value to your website and your business.
Below are some content marketing tips to keep in mind.


Whether in-house or not, videos are a nice addition to any website. Videos have proven the ability to drive engagement from the audience quickly. They become viral fast and shared in a matter of seconds. For better content marketing, make sure to create something compelling that will grab attention and invite people to spend more time on your website.

High-quality images

That is a must-have for any website that cares about content marketing. When visitors enter your site, the first they see are images. Make sure you post high-quality, appealing images relevant to the industry. Avoid anything that takes forever to load or doesn’t fit the screen properly. Also, keep in mind that all those images have to be viewable on smaller screens and other devices such as smartphones or tablets. Responsiveness is key. Our web design Toronto company can help you find the right path. Call us today.

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Get more audience with these content marketing tips


The infographics are a great addition to your website especially if your business is related to digital technologies, market research, etc. There are many benefits from infographics which is why we have included it as one of the content marketing tips. With infographics, it’s easy to present various themes in an educational and inspiring way. They break complex topics into smaller parts. Keep your topics as educational as possible, relevant to the audience you want to invite to your website and your business.

Educational content

Why not posting content that is useful and inspiring at the same time? Many businesses use how-to-guides, relevant to their industry. These are also catchy when posted on social media and can lead to accumulating many views and shares. Educational content is an excellent way to get your business out there in a short period. As an experienced SEO company in Toronto, we know the content is highly important for link building.

Be innovative

Try to think of unusual new ways to produce content that will be entirely new, different and creative, something that no one has done before. Focus on what your audience would like to see, what would catch their eye and potentially transform them into customers. Depending on the industry, choose content that highlights your brand in the most professional and appealing way. You are the only one that knows which message to send out there. Innovation is the key to getting you more replies.

If you can produce content that fits into customer preferences, you are on the right path to getting better engagement with your audience. Get inspired by following our content marketing tips.

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