October 25, 2014 | Web Design/Development

10 Modern Website Design Trends 2014

1. Responsive Design

Responsive Design means that the same domain and content respond to different viewports while providing the best user experience. It tells the browser to adapt and move the website elements around for a better view on different devices. As a part of modern and fresh website design, in responsive websites, flexibility is an advantage and the main reason for the websites to perform this way. It’s not only a trend anymore, But responsive is also a new form. Websites made in our “factory” are optimized, responsive and ready for all devices. If you are not sure where to start with optimizing your website for different devices, get in touch with us and we will gladly provide assistance. Our web designers are well-versed in the field.

2. Large Images

Large images are simple but at the same time beneficial way to make your website stand out from the crowd. As a part of the web design trend, the large and high-quality background image is something that one should consider when working on a modern website design. An image is often the very first thing visitors see. As such, it has to be sophisticated and powerful. To achieve the best web design, it’s recommended to have full-page headers with CTA and a pleasing photo(s). Wondering why? Users mostly focus on the top left part of the page.

web design trends 2014

3. Easy Navigation on the Website

Many different types of navigation make browsing through your website easy. They are also very flexible and narrowed for the smaller screens of mobile phone devices and tablets. It’s important to make it visually appealing, too.

easy navigation

4. Interactive Web page

Along with images, videos represent an element that could quickly engage visitors. Website design ideas and trends nowadays have shown that interactive content has a great impact on viewers nowadays.

5. Scrolling vs. Clicking

Scrolling is a simple and easy way to explore the website. No more clicking to get on the particular part of the current website design inspiration. Everything gets summarized on a single page! The scrolling provides an easy approach for different mobile devices, as well.

6. Focused Inner Pages

The main purpose of a good landing page on modern websites is to provide more information about products. Prior to purchasing, prospect customers have to be aware of what exactly they’re buying. As a result, it becomes crucial to have a clear, visually appealing, responsive and easy-to-navigate landing page. Check out our portfolio to see a great example of nicely designed web pages and for modern web design inspiration.

7. Flat and Attractive Design

Flat design is the future. Innovated by Windows 8 and followed by Apple iOS7, the flat web designs feature fancy components of an online world. With a clean, simple, and appealing web design, it’s possible to understand the message and engage users.

flat design elements

8. Typography Combinations

As the type kits become more affordable for designers, they can offer a greater palette of options to their clients. A vast number of choices enables the designers to mix and match, providing them more freedom. When you add relevant content and easy to read content to this, you scored big time.

typography combinations

9. Expanding Search Bars

Browsing through a comprehensive website could be overwhelming. The new, more noticeable search bar changes this. As a part of Web Design Trends 2014, the small “search” icon has been replaced. As a result, there is a visible, large bar that is easy to find. You will never get lost again.

expanding search bars

10. White Space

Website designers have started successfully and amazingly experimenting with white space in the website design. The whole idea is in simplicity that emphasizes the importance of content surrounded by it. However, too much space is not recommended as it leaves a “cold” impression. Get in touch with our web development company to get more information.

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